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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

2024: AI Begins Dismantling The C Suite

The Genie is out, he isn't going back and wants us to take his place in the bottle.

Attention is being driven towards "AI Enhanced" applications - MS Co-Pilot is a prime example as is Einstein from Salesforce.  In our little niche, Service Now and ConnectWise recently released their "generative AI" platform enhancing efforts.

This is a ruse, an unintentional distraction to lull us into conformity and continued usage.

Artificial Intelligence does not stop at enhancing existing processes - it has the very real potential to replace them.  

SaaS, CRMs, accounting systems, helpdesk and service ticket systems, etc. all the mundane and mechanical processes artificial intelligence digests and improves in real time.  What's more, AI removes those who utilize these prosaic tools to make decisions.

Just like computerized accounting software reduced the need for teams of accounts receivable clerks, AI supplants the requirement of a human C-Suite.

Think about how AI operates.  AI excels in pattern recognition as it sifts through extensive data, not in the rigid form of spreadsheets or mechanical predictions, but through a sophisticated coordination of algorithms. Algorithms that are complex and nuanced, tailored to analyze textual patterns and make predictions based on them. 

AI, particularly LLMs like GPT-4, continuously refine their approach. They adjust their analysis through iterative learning phases, optimizing their predictions based on new data they encounter. This is not learning by doing in the human sense, but a progressive adjustment of neural networks, fine-tuning their responses to better mirror the intricate patterns they decipher. 

Just like your resident CxO, AI models evolve, reflecting an ever-expanding understanding of the world they digest and interpret. 

Except once up and running, your company Chief Artificial Intelligence - accelerates without the need of layered, redundant human oversight empowering a single person or small team control over large 'companies' - indeed, the definition of a 'company', will evolve.

The Subterfuge -

Here is the intimidating aspect, the 'powers' at MS, SalesForce, OpenAI, Google, FaceBook - let's not forget the OEMs - like Ford, Intel, Nvidia, Apple, Xerox, IBM, HP, SpaceX, each recognize or ignore:

They see the end of Taylorism. The End of their Days.  

Saleforce knows that AI, your personal AI, replaces big, huge, costly, hierarchy supporting and vastly inefficient software packages, like the CRM.  Creating a SalesForce AI assistant is a stop gap, a funnel leading BACK to their system, not outside the platform.

Microsoft knows in order to keep spreadsheets, word processors, databases and presentation software relevant, a Co-Pilot of sorts, acting as an advisor, reenforces your false belief that these tools are vital to survival all while you maintain that $7.00 monthly subscription. (forever) 
"Perhaps most importantly, AI has a direct impact on how business leaders make decisions. Digital transformation has led to a rapid increase in the volume of data companies can access when making strategic choices. This might seem like a positive development, but increased data also means increased complexity." - Hypcccycl
Facebook, Google, and Apple understand in order to maintain their status as 'keepers of Knowledge' and advertising trends, they must shore up their gatekeeping skills against the universal tide of AI systems evolving beyond access to 'their data'.

All are creating artificial intelligence in their likeness. God-like.

The Timeframe -

It took roughly a decade for the business and personal world to move from typewriters and inter-office mail pouches to WordPerfect and Email.  Another decade to move from network servers to the interwebs and another to reach a global, many to many level of personal connectivity.

How long will it take for AI to overcome the moat, and obliterate the C-Suite?

It is happening now.

“Executives who take steps to become proficient with AI will be better equipped to make decisions that will position their companies for success in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.” - Finance Today

What should you be Doing, Today -

No matter where you currently are in the world, from the selling trenches, mid-management cubicle, to the President of a company; from SMB to Enterprise, the number One thing you must be doing is:

Use an LLM every, single day.  For everything.  Pose questions of the day.  On a personal level, learn how to 'prompt' without a tutor, by yourself, through trial and error.  

Additionally, and specifically for organizational leaders and business owners:
  1. Charge one person in the organization with learning everything possible about using AI in business.
  2. Hire an outside business and technology generalist to help identify areas in your current workflows that AI will positively impact.  Someone with general business skills, who hasn't been buried in the weeds of any particular industry, niche or silo and is free to explore the entire office technology landscape.
  3. Write an internal Artificial Intelligence Policy.
Artificial Intelligence has no boundaries or hyperbole, we do not know how the story evolves, and certainly have no clear view of it ends.  If it does at all. This isn't like any other technological transformation you've been through.  Previous waves were specific and verticalized.  AI is not.  

Remember this, there are NO AI experts; nobody is coming, it is up to you.  For you and yours to survive and thrive to remain "out of the bottle", you must outwit the Jinn by expanding your perceptual horizon.



  1. Thanks Greg, daunting prospect but undoubtedly the early adopters will gain the most benefit

    1. Absolutely! We're seeing the encroachment right now.


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