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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ai is Pushing Us Towards Ourselves

Travelling the Ai trajectory is like reaching a Sonic boom.  We're catching up to ourselves.  What happens when we break that barrier?

A sonic boom is a shockwave produced when an object travels through the air at a speed faster than the speed of sound. When an aircraft, for instance, breaks the sound barrier, it creates a rapid compression of air molecules. This compression forms a shockwave that travels through the air, creating the distinctive and often thunderous sound associated with a sonic boom.

AI as Society's Quantum Leap

Picture this: humanity, a collective vessel traversing the vast cosmic ocean of progress. For millennia, we chugged along at a steady yet turbulent clip, propelled by the invention and discovery.

"Ai is the engine driving us at an accelerated pace, heading towards the next dimensional barrier."

Imagine, then, not the deafening sonic boom, but the silent shattering of every process, business model and social norm ever created . We're not breaking the sound barrier of progress; we're cracking the code itself.  With AI, we pushing faster rewriting the very equation of societal evolution.

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