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Thursday, December 14, 2023

AI is replacing journalists, copywriters, and creatives in all industries.

July, 2023, LinkedIn

It's happening right now. 

Unlike loom operators, automotive painting booths, and redundant manufacturing processes, the creative arts were once thought untouchable by machines or any being possessing a level of intellect less than a painting elephant.

Not anymore. 

Every creative effort that involves a creator and a beholder is impacted by the 6 billion points of light ChatGPT can call upon.

What better to illustrate this than through the human beauty that is a sonnet based on the human-generated WSJ article- created in less than 8 seconds, 

by ChatGPT in the Style of Frost:

"In quiet fields where newsprint grows, I found
A tale of change that spoke with tempered might,
The words upon the page, a solemn sound:
"The robots have arrived to claim our plight."

For now they've come to seize the author's pen,
Their quills of steel and gears in place of hearts,
And in their wake, the question lingers, then:
What fate awaits the souls displaced by arts?

Yet still, the Earth spins on, as change doth turn,
In cycles of creation and demise,
Each era births a new, a lesson learned,
And with each fall, a phoenix tends to rise.

Embrace the march of progress, let it be,
For in its tide, we find our destiny."

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