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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Send in the Robots: They're Already Here #Tesla

Tesla unveils its latest humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2, in demo video

the video is real...

The Convergence, in my humble view, is the point in time when all things become one.

Like a gravity well or blackhole, everything in the real; time, technology, society, politics, even our individual conscious, share the same space and time.

Think of it like how phone, cable, and the internet were all single, siloed disciplines - now they are one.

For Ai, another step toward general intelligence involves participating on the same physical versus virtual world.  Sensors come to mind as Ai connects to the sights, sounds.  

Those two senses are covered. Touch, taste and smell are not far behind. 

Actually, they are already here.

Touch -

This has been done, machines have tactile sensors. "demonstration of its utility, the researchers used machine-learning techniques to train the sensor to recognize 20 different textiles, including wool, corduroy, linen, and polyester."

Smell - 

Think breathalyzer. Indeed, Ai can not predict what something will smell like,  "...The chemoinformatics of odours involves using computers to analyze, model and understand how chemical properties stimulate our sense of smell..."

Taste -

Scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the University of Copenhagen, and Caltech have advanced the capabilities of artificially intelligent algorithms by adding a new dimension - taste

Today, Musk released his latest robot, "Optimus" and it is incredible.

Let the unions strike, and lobbies fight for a higher minimum wage - it just doesn't matter.  Today, there are devices that make coffee any way you like.  Today, McDonalds is building restaurants that do not need employees to prepare your Big Mac, 24/7 365 days a year.  Today, a movie set, the script, musical score and actors can be created on the QWERTY, by one person in a fraction of the time.

And today, the world is introduced to the next shift of line workers, distribution laborers, shipping clerks, and window washers - if not surgeons, astronauts, and planetary explorers.


Read the story, here

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