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Friday, September 26, 2008

Copier Crime - From the "Dirty D"

Copier deal is targeted.

City Council panel agrees to begin process to nullify $10M agreement.
Christine MacDonald / The Detroit News

"DETROIT -- A City Council committee voted Thursday to begin the process to rescind a $10 million contract awarded June 2007 to Olive Delivery Service LLC, owned by former state Rep. Ken Daniels, D-Detroit.
The former Democratic state House colleague of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's is not authorized to sell or service the copiers involved, city records and interviews show. City audits of the six-year copier contract, the most recent of which is dated Sept. 17, show most of the work is performed not by Daniels' Olive Delivery, but by Leader Business Systems Inc. of Oak Park in Oakland County and the city's own information technology department..."

This is grand.

First off, who in their right mind has a "six-year copier contract" ? That's 1.6 million a year.

Good lord! And how many Kyocera's can that be?

I also see that A-1 Leader Business Systems is a Canon dealer - I wonder how long before Canon comes knocking, looking to convert that 10 million dollar Kyocera deal...wowzie...

But wait, there's more.

"...He acknowledged he is not authorized to sell or service the Kyocera machines specified in the contract but insisted city audits are wrong when they say he does not come close to performing 80 percent of the contract work as required..."

Ok, so "...he is not authorized to sell of service the Kyocera machines..." yet he claims to performing up to "...80 percent of the contract work as required...".

Yeah, cronyism

So this guy's delivery company won the 10 million dollar bid, Ken Daniels claims to be doing at least 80% of the work, but audits reveal A-1 Leader Business Systems out of Royal Oak, is performing "most of the work". (If you go to the map, you will see...yup, located on 8-Mile. You remember the movie...admit it...)

Again, you can't make this stuff up.

Copiers and Crime...This Stuff Can Not Be Made UP

Copiers and Crime...The Blotter..It Grows...

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