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Monday, September 15, 2008

September "Bump" - Hold on to your Hat

With the recent Ricoh/IKON (RiKON) news, copier sales people are now more globally minded...

From AP, World stocks soar after Freddie, Fannie bailouts

I personally do not participate in recessions. I don't like them.

I believe that as in sales, most "systems" built around humans are driven by as much emotional energy as cold, strategic planning.

So, even if I do not participate in recessions, my prospects and clients may succumb to the unfavorable economic, emotional bombardment - it's much easier to be negative.

Take this latest news article that explains world markets "soar" after the US government takes over Freddie and Fannie - some may explain this surge as an expected and temporary up-tic, I would agree. An emotions carry the surge.

The price of oil is falling - it may go below $100.00 per barrel this week.

This is good news and will affect business's purchasing mentality as people start to "feel" better.

This good news should effect the way YOU project your positive mentality as an Agent of Change.

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