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Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's The Boss?

I am always amused when "Sales Managers" push getting a proposal in front of the prospect as soon as possible.

It is my humble opinion that one should "earn the right to propose" before throwing numbers and "closing techniques" at a prospect. I feel it's amateurish at best and more likely unprofessional.

So I ask you - WHO IS YOUR BOSS?

Is it Mark Hurd? Is it Espe? Is it the stock holders of your company? Is it the owner of the dealership you currently work with? Is it Obama?

I say to you NO.

This is a personal opinion, and for all you "bosses" out there this is for you too.

Your "boss" is the most complicated person in the world, the most befuddling, and confusing and although you have known this person all your life, you probably don't know as much about he or she as you should.

The "boss" I refer to is the person who looks back at you each morning while you're shaving or putting that stuff on your eyelids - you.

You are your boss.

Now, I ain't no Tony Robbins, loved him in Shallow Hal, but this isn't that difficult of a concept to get...your current place in life is a direct result of all the decisions you have ever made prior to this point in history - not Obama's or Espe's.

This epiphany can be liberating - but does carry a heavy burden for you- now you need to take complete responsibility for your life, the good and the bad - YIKES!

It's like the Matrix - once you "get it", you may ask yourself, "why oh why didn't I take the Blue pill..."

Ignorance is truly bliss - If you want proof, ask your manager.

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