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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who in The World is "TeknoForce" from Ricoh/RiKON ?

Ricoh has hired an advertising agency, Gigante Vaz Partners, to create a brand and program to promote its service technicians. The brand is called; “Teknoforce”, and Ricoh is hoping it will boost its image with IT Directors in the U.S.

Johannesburg, 23 September 2008 - Ricoh expands Teknoforce

"Gigante Vaz Partners and Ricoh announced that Ricoh is expanding its Teknoforce programme in selected markets across the country, reports Marketwatch.

Teknoforce was created as a response to Ricoh's desire to find a way to monetise the skill and depth of knowledge of its sales and IT force.

The programme will also be used as a way of adding to Ricoh's awareness within the IT market."



It's like HP's strategy with printing only in reverse.

Ricoh, a traditional copier manufacturer is tip-toeing into the IT world...credibility is the issue.

Unlike HP stepping "down" into the copier/facilities world, Ricoh is trying to step "up" into the IT realm - and unlike HP getting into waters filled with "copier, sales, sharks" Ricoh is getting into a more sedate selling sea.

From Atlanta to L.A. -

I find it most interesting that the only returns on a Google search of Teknoforce are related to the advertising campaign. Apparently, the ad campaign tested nicely in Atlanta so Ricoh decided to roll it out in certain markets, across the US.

Part of the marketing campaign includes vehicles adorned with loud decals, a la 'Geek Squad' -

Just a little food for thought, as the two worlds, IT and "Facilities" continue to collide and converge.


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