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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Copiers and Crime...The Blotter..It Grows...

I swear, I should start writing a screen play based on this stuff...victims include Applebee's, the YMCA and a catholic church.

The headline reads, "Raleigh, N.C. — An office supplies dealer has been charged with using bogus copier leases to scam area businesses and nonprofits." - it is never good when the words "bogus" and "scam" are in the same headline...

The crook even got time on the local TV news. By the way, check out the copy quality on the documents being printed, doh!

Apparently(or is it allegedly), this creep forged leases on non- existent deals for real companies and organizations. He was caught when the leasing company called one of his "customers" demanding payment on a piece of equipment that was never installed. The leasing company had not received monthly payments, but, obviously paid the perp.

Ten Years of Customer Service -

Yup, this guy had been working with his victims for 10 years. Selling supplies and even contributing to charitable events- some may have even considered him a "partner". I guess a lot can happen in Ten Years.

So this is how small, independent dealers compete with the "big, international, heartless, copier manufacturers..." eh?

Just kidding - this guy is scum and his disregard for others, his overwhelming greed, hurts all of us in the industry and all of us who sell.

Lock him up.

The lesson here?

Like I even need to say it, "know what the heck is going on in your business..." the left and the right hand should communicate through the brain.

Even more. Check these out.

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