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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EDS - Mangaed Print Services????

EDS an HP Company

Found this the other day. EDS is now in the Managed Print Services business.

Yes, inevitable - but seeing it for real is making it real.

I wonder if EDS is hiring any ex-IKON peeps.

From the literature:

  • "EDS' Services include:

    Assessment Services
    — Helps you understand current usage, find hidden costs and develop a business case for change:
    • Industry Benchmark Assessment
    • Optimization Assessment
    • Managed Environment Assessment
    • Eco Printing Assessment
    • Workflow Discovery
    • Discovery and Design

  • Financial and Procurement Services — Helps you manage to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), from planning and acquiring technology to retiring and replacing it. Reduce and manage capital outlay, manage older equipment effectively and environmentally, and simplify hardware procurement (HP and multi-vendor):
    • Hardware Procurement
    • Multi-vendor Hardware Procurement
    • Customer Fleet Acquisition
    • Asset Recovery Services
  • Transition and Implementation Services — Helps ensure the right equipment is installed and end users know how to use the devices:
    • Management of Change and Education
    • Deployment Management
    • Hardware Installation

  • Management and Support Services — Enables ongoing Return On Investment (ROI) through fleet uptime and optimization, award winning support and supplies management. Account delivery management provides a single point of contact and accountability as well as visibility into usage trends, capacity utilization, and expenditures for ongoing planning and management:
    • Account Delivery Management
    • Hardware Support
    • Multivendor Support
    • On-site Administrative Services
    • Priority Phone Support
    • Supplies Management

  • Document and Workflow Services — Helps automate paper-intensive workflows, as well as to continually improve and better manage the underlying infrastructure:
    • Technology Solutions
    • Industry Solutions
    • Consulting Services"
The integration or assimilation of EDS into HP.

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