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Friday, September 19, 2008

RiKON To Work with Xerox


How big of a shock would it be if Ricoh Japan allowed IKON to ink a deal with Xerox to provide product in the gaps created by the Canon fallout(de-certification)?

Read the above again.


Well, get over your shock because it's a doozy and it is happening...

Also, seems Konica Minolta signed a five year with RiKON - it appears that KMBS needs the channel too...

Espe may have this all planned out quite well with much more to occur in the next few days - the excitement level "on the ground" is electric.

- nod to "Scorpio"...


  1. Next domino to fall?

    Canon/HP Super Merger

  2. Where did you hear about the Xerox Rikon deal to sell in the gaps?

  3. john,

    multiple sources within and outside of the industry and companies...

    still nothing officially announced...and everything could change

    As for a super merger HP/Canon...not likely.

    HP has much bigger fish to fry...

  4. I hear Kodak also wants the High output Ikon channel that Xerox is going after.

  5. Kodak already sells the NexPress line through Ricoh. Word on the street is Canon will not allow IKON to backdoor the Canon 7000 (i.e. NexPress 700) through this relationship. That doesn't stop IKON from carrying the higher end NexPress boxes, however.

    The Canon 7000 is a nice machine but suffers from some huge design problems which will keep it from reaching its full production potential. For example, a document which mixes simplex and duplex brings the 7000 to its knees.

    Ricoh has a 90 page per minute production color machine launching in October. Time will tell if they have solved their color issues which have kept them from being competitive on a quality basis. This machine has more finishing options and it significantly faster than the Canon 7000.

    IKON will keep the Konica/Minolta boxes at 55 and 65 pages per minute at a significantly lower cost than the Canon 6000/7000. The KM quality is not up to the 7000 standard, but at 1/3 the price, it fits well for a lot of customers.

    Comparible Xerox color is also a step behind the 7000, but it is close and given Canon's difficulty in servicing the 7000, can be very competitive.

    IKON knows where all the Canon 7000 ghosts are and will be able to sell effectively against it.

  6. very good points, there...


    Seems all will be as it should in just a few months...

  7. I gotta have some more of this!!!

    Very interesting to say the least. But what does Xerox get out of a deal like this? Don't think that would cannibalize some of the production market Xerox dominates now?

    Thoughts please...I need more...

  8. You've been awful quiet about this since you posted it. I have to tell you I have a lot of sources deep on the inside in Malvern and I've received nothing but a bunch of scoffs when I mention the idea. Any thoughts?

  9. Quiet? Yes.

    But only because the subject of RiKON has begun to bore me...

    I have not heard one way or another regarding the Xerox issue. So if your sources are "scoffing", it may not have materialized.

    What will be will be.

    The whole economy is in flux right now...should settle after the elections.

    Thanks for checking in.


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