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Monday, July 27, 2009

Destroy Your Printer Contest - HumanKind Strikes Back

For decades they watched us.

Observing our habits. Infiltrating every aspect of our lives - soon, they determined our happiness and added to life's frustration.

Ignored by IT Professionals, enshrined by 9 to 5 receptionists and personal assistants all over the globe, their presence grew, barely noticed.

Until one day, humankind woke surrounded by millions of life sucking monsters.

Hellions of our own creation - Gremlins/Frankenstein/Desepticons inhabit our corner offices, corporate cube farms, our bedrooms, kitchens and dens.

Thousands of their brethren hibernating in basements, garages, attics, and on the shelves of hundreds of IT rooms.


There are some brave souls refusing to give in to the machines. Armed with little more than axes, log splitters, front loaders, gravity and ...high-explosives, they fight.

Florists, ceramic makers, cottage builders and yes, brew masters - from the grass roots of humanity they carry the banner against tyranny and oppression; mysticism and paper jams.

Recovered from a bunker -"a buried bus out back" - is the video story of one team of hero's - submitted for your review.

More stories of heroism, here.

1 comment:

  1. Just to finish your story...

    And so mankind fought back against the evil print devices that kept them enslaved to their desks, as these devices were slow, imperfect and cost too much to operate.

    In order to save all of humanity, they finally listened to the IT department, and walked to the closest Workgroup device, and they rejoiced as they gained additional functionality, efficiency which helped the company become more profitable that resulted in raises and promotions to everyone involved.


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