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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greenpeace Trespasses, Paints and Decries HP's Environmental Stewardship

I almost joined Greenpeace as a freshman in my college days.

Back when Springsteen was on the "No Nukes" tour and Greenpeace was out saving the whales.

Yet, by senior year, I was wearing and selling "Nuke The Whales" T-shirts.

Proceeds going to the floor "beverage fund".

I'd like to think I've grown up. It's clear, Greenpeace hasn't.

In a remarkable display if ingenuity - an act of "Mission Impossible" proportions - Greenpeace operatives breached security, scaled the walls to HP's roof and vandalized the technology producers property.

Judging from the large, all capitalized, block font and the lack of South LA-like hieroglyphics, the roof graffiti was most likely produced by young, suburbanite, some-what educated hooligans with excellent penmanship and way too much time on their hands.

We assume the colorant used is water soluble and non-toxic.

All this over PVC and BFR's; elements that HP will remove by 2011 instead of 2009.

A statement from G-Peace -

"Earlier this year, HP postponed its 2007 commitment to phase out dangerous substances such as brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic from its computer products (excluding their server and printer lines, (GoIPG!)) from 2009 to 2011,"

Not only did G-Peace scratch out their display for the benefit of everyone above the altitude of 400 feet or so, in a cunning application of high-technology, they also dispatched automated phone calls to HP from non-other than Captain James Tiberius Kirk!

Bill is urging HP to phase out toxic chemicals in its products.

DeathOfTheCopier's DOUBLE-DOG-DARE to G-Peace:

There is a place I hear of, seven to eight thousand miles West of
Palo Alto. A land of great growth and pollution and many, many corporate HQ's with roofs - Communist Red China.

The double-dog-dare is simple: go there and tag any one of their roofs - hell, tag a wall or corporate driveway.

And then, if you can, come back home and tell us all your great tale. Like Beowulf and the Grendle.

Most likely, you will be sharing space with Tank Man and his family in a dark, musty cell.

Locked up and forgotten.

Interesting footnote. HP has been "Green" since before it was "hip"(1957), before the word "Green" applied to anything anti-human and well before G-Peace even existed,1971.


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