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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th - Remember why it all started and be ready to Declare Once Again

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  1. Hooyah, our own government is taxing the hell out of us! Something has to give, economic gloom or a new revolution to get the "fat cats" out of control.

    I once ran as an independent for a state seat. I had no idea that my competition (Dems & Reps), would spend $500,000 each to get re-elected. You either have to major bucks to get elected or have to get in with one of the major parties, once you get in with them, THEY OWN YOU! It's the Political version of the Mafia.

    Maybe we need to take a clue from the French, and take back what is ours. If everyone in America went on strike for a week, it would have a profound effect on how we could start to turn things around.



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