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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Typewriters Still Used at NYPD - To the Tune of a New, 3 Year, $1 Million Dollar Contract

In article in CIO, it is reported by the Post, that even after a major technology overhaul at the NYPD, officers "still use typewriters to fill out property and evidence vouchers, which are printed on carbon-paper forms..."

- that's right, CARBON-PAPER FORMS.

And we worry about taking somebody's DeskJet 500 away?

The NYPD has updated and connected all of their 76 precincts by a videoconferencing system that ties into a command center and all offices have real time access to major databases.

The moral of the story is that even though you have the biggest budget and a most deserving technology project, some things just can not be changed.

I wonder what the commission was for what has to be that Last Typewriter Salesperson in The World.

Enjoy the article here.


  1. I love this post ... and the photo is perfect!

    But once we stop chuckling and scoffing, it ought to remind us just how slow many organizations are to cut their umbilical cord to out-dated technology. They may embrace the new, but they'll still resist tossing out the old.

    I suspect that we'll all be servicing -- and continuing to sell! -- analog faxes for the next ten years.

    And, if we hope to cover an entire office imaging fleet with a program, we'll be dealing with DeskJet 500's, LaserJet II's, and an occasional impact printer "for the foreseeable future."

  2. The photo is great!

    I try to find "quirky" yet illustrative images.

    And the information is relevant.

    Whenever I see an IBM Selectric in the field, I try to figure ways to include it on an MPS Engagement. LOL!

    Yes, the old machines will not "go gentle into that good night..."


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