Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 2011 Global Managed Print Services Conference - Pictures of You.

My Current reflection points, and material for the future:

1. Philosophical discussions - this is bigger than MPS
3. Innovate - now is the time
6. Soylent Toner is People
7. MSP and MPS is difficult

9. Out of the Box - meaning so much more, I have never been more proud of my industry

10. Are you telling the Truth, or just stating a number
11. "I don't even use the phrase, MPS, with clients anymore"

16. I can't wait to see the first servers "ripped and replaced"
17. There is still a "P" in MPS
18. MPS is the egg in the cake, not the entire cake

21. I have Pluto in my Seventh House

22. Ricoh is in - all in
23. Canon is finding herself

24. "Fire, Walk with Me"? - Greg has lost it...again.

25. MPS is a Process, not a Transaction
26. Fire and Ice, Cold Water

27. The 2011 MPSA Leadership Awards

Oh the fun we are going to have with all that...


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