Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dawn of The New Selling Professional - MpS Leads The Way - Sales X.X

Not Sales 2.0 - I call it 
"Sales X.X"


“Business Acumen” is a cool way to say, “been there, done that…got three year’s financials to prove it” – I admit, it is a big word, does it scare you?

From Merriam-Webster:

Acumen: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters.

Practical Matters.

Lots of sales people don’t think they have acumen, or that there is some special process that goes with acquiring the skill of discernment. Worse, some employers don’t believe their employees possess keenness – more than a few sales managers feel their sales people lack depth of perception.

You know I’m right. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all been there.

What to do?

Stand back, there is something going on here, something new; The New Age of Selling. It has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar although "The New Age" calls upon the collective selling skills of the past 25,000 years.

Woah, heavy.

I know it’s difficult to see, but the current economic “Charlie Foxtrot” will someday be in our rear view mirror. When the recovery does start, for real, the new selling professional will lead the way. I believe that our industry, our sales people, in the trenches, will be examples of success, role models.

The New Way demands more from you, the Selling Professional:
  1. Expertise – be an expert in something, anything
  2. Collaboration – be open to working with everyone, yesterday’s rivals could be today’s partner
  3. Engagement/Intent  – work with your clients, partners, peers at a deeper level, with High Intent
  4. Growth – thrive on change, bring change, be the agent for change
The New Way also exists in a new environment, a business context that has never existed:
  1. Information is everywhere Content and data is universal and will permeate
  2. Power is shifting down – from the OEMs to the cube farms, personal power is increasing
  3. Technology is mundane – your refrigerator will talk with your toaster
  4. “Citizen Mobil” – brick and mortar is dead. Smart phones, tablets, wireless and G4 networks, you, your clients and clients’ family and kids are processing business everywhere. Think Cold Calls from the beach.
Eight simple observations.

Still, you will need to know Strategic Selling, VITO, closing techniques, prospecting, how to marshal resources on your team, monitor your funnel and manage your manager. You still can’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

You must correctly present and follow up – build trust. This may be new, but you still need to handle your shit. The basics – I won’t say ‘blocking and tackling’ – I loathe clich├ęs, but I just did, didn’t I?

The times are different and personal acumen is more relevant, you are much more relevant, and in context.

One more thing:  There are No Academic Experts.  We're making this up as we go - and because this is all new, dynamic, changing every 30 days, formal, teaching experts are simply rehashing history - not projecting

The New Selling, not Sales 2.0 or 3.1, let’s call it, Sales X dot XX - “Sales X.Xx"

Acumen, again. MpS Purity, again. Intent, again.

Just ideas on a screen - but ideas are bullet proof...

Sell on.

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