Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talking, Rumors Flying - IBM to take Xerox; HP Getting out of PC's, Oracle to Pick up HP

All over the 'Net:

"Samsung Eyeing HP's PC business" or not, Huh

The Unthinkable -

Business as Usual -

To Customers - "Business as Usual" - YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY TODAY.

To the Channel - "Business as Usual" - YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY TODAY.

Why -

How did we get here? - History, repeats

The Dude - Speaks

Android to the Rescue - TouchMy X

The DOTC read on all this...

This is the first major business technology shift in a long time mirroring the transformation of IBM back in the 90's.

Most 'in the know', those of us who were there when IBM went crazy and decided not to make computers anymore, sometimes forget the financial condition IBM carried at the time.

All the drama, stress, bloodletting and pain IBM endured during their transformation is forgotten as well.

Today, IBM is big and regarded as a as a role model for moving from the box to the service(sound familiar?) - getting there wasn't easy and there was a great deal of  "business as usual" talk.

The HP "business as usual" talk is already spinning.  From an article by Steve Burke, over at CRN:

"...Taking aim most forcefully at Dell, Bradley declared that HP has "pounded" Dell in the PC business and claimed his competitor lack’s “a vibrant channel."

Vibrant Channel? Really?  Is the channel so vibrant it can weather an internal betrayal at THIS level? Okay, that may be a bit harsh - its just business...

Oh, BTW, I am changing the blog title to "DOTC is TheDeathOfTheChannel"

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