Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is What HP Should Do with TouchPad/WebOS: "Execute Order 66"

Give more TouchPads away.  And by more, I mean give another 500,000 away.

Quickly put together a Mega-Cloud, now.  

Call it the "MacGyver Cloud"; duct tape, paperclips, hope and a prayer - whatever it takes, string it together.  

In this cloud, give away 6 month subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, HBR, LeopardONE, MPSInsightsPro, LuLu, TMZ, on and on.

Bundle all of it in. Free.

Hook up with Verizon and get on their network, into their stores.  Hell, buy Verizon.

Get every remaining print publisher on the phone, in a Halo room, or to the West Coast and offer up an advanced conduit to 1 million customers, through MacGyver. Negotiate for a percentage and target Amazon/Borders; the Nook and the Kindle.

Spark up the TouchPad plants.  Rationalize, re-calibrate and reorganize PSG around generations of TouchPad.  Get this new team out there selling MacGyver and giving away TouchPads through every channel.  EVERY CHANNEL.  Sell it at 99 bucks - through WalMart.

Call the second model, "TheNext" and release a Leopard print version.

Buy a f*cking advertising agency, not another technological oddity.

I'm not done yet.

Assimilate SalesForce.com and put the darn thing in MacGyver - build a specific, meaningful, Professional Selling app/front end - call it, "Keep'nTOUCH".

Port a version over to the B2C market - put every housewife in America on it (do we still have housewives?)

Beef up or create faster transmission algorithms giving this $99.00 piece of technology the ability to present on paper, better than paper.

Work directly with the movie studios - DIRECTLY - bypass NetFlix. Hire away from Google, and "Wired" - invest in independent, WebOS developers.

Then, start selling music at 55 cents a download, and sponsoring big music tours on the scale of The Black Eyed Peas.

Negotiate for a piece of the advertising pie:

The last ten days - ad revenue from TouchPad vs. ALL DROID tablets

Get out of the PC business, get out of the tablet business, get out of the printer business and dive into the ContentStream business.  Content.

Drive all the other tablets' (iPad) pricing down.

Alas, this won't happen. Mother Blue is too big, too slow, and can't let go of the past.  

This won't happen, because 'music' isn't part of the HP core offerings, because WebOS doesn't exist and in just a few weeks we will be hard pressed to find anyone at HP who acknowledges it ever existed in the first place.  Edgeline anyone? 

Mother Blue has feet of lead; cement galoshes. The time to Execute "Order 66" is past.

Jus say'n...

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  1. Great stuff there Greg! Were you half-joking or were you really serious. If you were serious, that consulting was worth about $250,000 ! And you gave it to them for free. I agree with you, they wouldn't do it.

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