Thursday, August 18, 2011

MpS Will Migrate Downward - Lyra Acknowledges the Death of the A3(Copiers)

The Imaging Channel held a webinar where Lyra presented, "Printer and Supplies market Trends That Impact Your MPS Program",


I found the content interesting.

Some of the better comments:

"MpS is a Signficant Threat to the Supplies Business"

"MpS should be the first step in engaging clients for overall managed services."

"A3 in decline and has been before MpS became 'sticky'" - The Death of the Copier.

"Everybody is considering mobile printing"

"The key to the recovery will be looking at workflow"

One of the questions from the audience, "what is ITO and BPO?"

I like Lyra - they poll regular types and don't seem to always recommend their big sponsors as the that Quadrant thing.

My take:

  1. MPS is moving into SMB
  2. A3 - size market already declining due to over capacity, better price/performance of A4 MFP, shift to MPS will cause further erosion
  3. We will never achieve the same unit placements
  4. Mobility printing is an interest point, but prints are not increasing 
MpS should serve as an entrance to more services for clients converting into ITO, BPO, document workflow.  Once the initial cost savings in Stage 1/2 has be realized, we need to develop new ways to engage prospects.

Quote from one of the slides, pretty much sums up what we've been saying here at DOTC, for 3 years:

"Overall, printing may never be what it was, but market players truly need to think outside the printer box..."

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