Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tech-News: More Plastic Paper, Self Assembling MicroParticles and the Last Book Ever Printed

Yeah, I know, the electric paper trick has been around for decades.

Below is the latest:

"I think the greatest breakthrough was that traditional display devices usually require electricity to write, but our technology made it closer to how we would use normal paper," said John Chen, Vice President of the Institute and general director of the Display Technology Center.

The more interesting advancement revolves around micro-robots.

"Danger, Danger...Will Robinson..."

Seems "these small colonies of swimming magnetic particles"  will assemble, on their own,  into devices that can move and manipulate other particles.

So the really little guys can self build and then move things twice their mass.


Swarms of nano-bots, assembling into devices specific to a task, and then re-assembled into a completely different functional machine, to complete a totally different task.

So, let's say, there is this 'cloud' - a moving, existing cloud of nano-particles or Micro-bots, floating in the atmosphere.


Self-replicating, bio-mechanical,  powered by kinetic/wind and solar.  As a mass, they control their movement, remaining miles over one of the oceans - this cloud is 3 times the size and mass of Texas.  Their waste bi-product is O2(Oxygen).

Together, they form a digital, neural  network waxing and waning in constant flux - the swarm holds our digital dark matter, our digital white matter, and all our past, capturing mankind's historical and collective data.  Content.

Thanks to google, every document ever published, ever created, every street, city, spreadsheet, word processing document, every email, text, phone call, NetFlix, weather satellite map, grocery store trip, gallon of gas purchased, IM, internet search results, every single medial procedure ever imagined or executed, all of our medical records, every single scientific observation, theory, proof, axiom, and theorem, our individual history from Social Security Number to burial plot location,  -everything that ever was - is in The Cloud.

We connect to it.  We see it all and we see everyone else who is connected.

We fool ourselves into believing we rule the Cloud.

Do you STILL think this is simply about "toner hitting paper"?

Really? Are you there?

The last book published and read, "To Serve Man"

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